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An excerpt from Michael Mirdad's article "Don't Just Be Good, Be Good For Something" - March eNewsletter.

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An excerpt from Michael Mirdads article Dont Just Be Good, Be Good For Something - March eNewsletter.

For the full article:  

To get the articles and other announcements via email each month, subscribe at:

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Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & AuthorGrail Productions was created in the mid-1980’s. Our primary intention is to promote the work of Michael Mirdad and other teachers and teachings that support the development of Love, Light, and Christ Consciousness throughout the world.

Grail Productions has since produced numerous workshops, concerts, sacred art exhibits, gatherings and sacred site tours. Grail Productions is also one of the primary Sponsors of The Universal Lightworkers Conference.

The name, Grail Productions, was selected because of the importance of the Grail as a symbol of our energetic body. The upper basin symbolizes the Divine Spiritual Centers (chakras) of the head and neck that remain open to receiving the Light and Love of God from the Heavens. The stem and base of the Grail symbolize the Human Spiritual Centers (chakras) of the torso. The Grail is also symbolic of our need to empty ourselves of our ego-driven impulses and to allow the Divine Light and Love of God to refill us. This is, in the Arthurian legends, known as “Finding the Grail.”

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Thanks For The Magic!

Michael: I got home Sunday afternoon and started to read a book that has daily devotions about love, all kinds. The part I opened to read: From time to time into each of our lives there steps a magical person. Out of nowhere, seemingly for no reason, a human being appears whose romance with life is so beautiful and rare, so whimsical and holy that, without any effort at all, he enchants us with his extraordinary gift for living. Such people are life’s magicians, purveyors of joy, imaginers of the uncommon. They stir our pots: they ruffle our feathers. They paste twinkling stars on the dark sky of life’s ordinariness. Living by magic, they let us recapture the magic in ourselves. Knowing that love is the only real magic there is, they invite us again–with their words, with their ways, with their dreams, with their faith-to believe in the magical power of love. Today let your heart be ribboned with thanks for the person whose magic has beautifully altered your life. Thanks, Michael, for ruffling my feathers, pasting stars on my sky and for being a magical person.

Linda AK