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Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & AuthorGrail Productions was created in the mid-1980’s. Our primary intention is to promote the work of Michael Mirdad and other teachers and teachings that support the development of Love, Light, and Christ Consciousness throughout the world.

Grail Productions has since produced numerous workshops, concerts, sacred art exhibits, gatherings and sacred site tours. Grail Productions is also one of the primary Sponsors of The Universal Lightworkers Conference.

The name, Grail Productions, was selected because of the importance of the Grail as a symbol of our energetic body. The upper basin symbolizes the Divine Spiritual Centers (chakras) of the head and neck that remain open to receiving the Light and Love of God from the Heavens. The stem and base of the Grail symbolize the Human Spiritual Centers (chakras) of the torso. The Grail is also symbolic of our need to empty ourselves of our ego-driven impulses and to allow the Divine Light and Love of God to refill us. This is, in the Arthurian legends, known as “Finding the Grail.”

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Takes Relationships to the Next Level

Creating Fulfilling Relationships is a book like no other! This book takes relationships to the next level by explaining how to create real, long-lasting relationships with everyone…rather than merely telling us how to attract yet another partner. It addresses the importance and relevance of establishing a strong spiritual and psychological relationship within ourselves–including the healing of co-dependence and the development of healthy boundaries. Then it shifts gears and offers profoundly deep, and yet simple to apply, methods for creating fulfilling relationships with others through healthy communication and affection. As a counselor I am handing this book to every individual and couple who walks into my office. I also have begun using–with great success–the techniques found in this book with my clients. Michael Mirdad’s book on relationships teaches us how to stand and be accountable for our own actions and inspires us to be kinder more responsible human beings; as well as better friends, partners, and lovers with others.

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