The Daughters of Heaven by Michael Mirdad explores inner peace and sexual healing.

The Daughters of Heaven

Living in the Presence of the Divine Mother

In the spring of 2023, an announcement was spontaneously made during a Sunday Sacred Service that a new faction of Lightworkers is emerging to put the finishing touches on God’s Plan for the awakening of humanity. This group is known as the “Daughters of Heaven.” The Daughters of Heaven are extensions of the Divine Mother and are acting as spiritual midwives to assist in the birthing of a new world. As soon as this announcement was made, a palpable shift was felt throughout the room, and around the world.
The Daughters of Heaven shares the following:
  • The Call to Assist in the Grand Awakening
  • Lightworkers, Lemuria, Mary Magdalene and more
  • Who are the Daughters of Heaven and What are They Like?
  • A True Portrait of Jesus & Christ Consciousness
  • Mother Mary & the Divine Mother