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What makes Michael Mirdad different from other Spiritual Teachers?

Michael Mirdad is the author of numerous bestselling books. He is commonly referred to as “a teacher’s teacher and a healer’s healer,” having four decades of experience facilitating thousands of lectures and classes and leading sacred sites tours throughout the world. He teaches on the various spiritual disciplines of the world (e.g. Christianity, Buddhism, the 12 step program, etc.) and is often said to have a similar vibration of Yogananda or an ascended master, and yet he is delightfully simple and has a great sense of humor. Michael not only teaches on an unsurpassed number of topics but also weaves them together, demonstrating the connectedness of all subjects and beliefs, while making God (and the awakening of Christ Consciousness) the common thread.

Here are several other things that set Michael apart from other authors and spiritual teachers:

  • He is considered to be one of the most impressive and diverse intuitives (psychics), healers, and spiritual counselors.

  • He is considered by many to be one of the world’s best teachers of A Course in Miracles.

  • He knows and teaches nearly every healing art and has created advanced healing and counseling techniques including: Tracking and the Soul-Level Healing Process.”

  • He averages at least 500 spiritual counseling sessions per year (by phone and in person).

  • He has been the spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona for nearly 10 years and there he created one of the most successful New Thought spiritual centers (churches) in the world—with a consistently full house and one of the largest and most successful chaplain programs around.

  • He has been the guiding and driving force behind numerous ground-breaking projects and events related to the healing, personal growth, and New Age movements (such as conferences, movies, concerts, and more).

  • He was the first to use the term Lightworker,” which has now grown to become a common term.

  • He has been featured in films, and is noted in over a dozen books by other authors.

  • He is an ancient mystic who uses modern language.

  • He developed “middle-path tantra” a healthy form of sacred sexuality that balances the two opposite extreme paths of tantra: religious tantra and sexual tantra.

  • He is thought to be the first person to do reviews on spiritual movies (which he did in his newsletters in the mid-1980’s)

Michael Mirdad has the unique ability to tap into the universal consciousness to spontaneously teach from a diverse repertoire (such as the examples in this partial list):


We invite you to explore Michael Mirdad’s spirituality teachings via his many articles, videos, quotes, courses, and workshops:

Informative articles on many spiritual topics


Full length and sample videos on many spiritual topics


Michael Mirdad is the author of several best-selling books.


We are excited to bring you a way to deepen your experience of Christ Consciousness through these amazing online courses and workshops.


Praise For The Teachings of Michael Mirdad
~ Online Courses, Workshops & Intensives ~

Empowered Me

“The Christ Consciousness online course is truly life shifting. It is wonderfully set up, and each lesson gives you an opportunity to connect deeper to God and your spiritual path. The most enjoyable part of this course for me is seeing every lesson working through ALL parts of my life.

–Tita, FL

Working Our Way to the Truth

“Unlike many online courses that tend to be mostly reading, Michael’s online course is very much experiential. In this course we (as individuals and as a group) are clearing away the veils of illusion, like cob webs, while working our way to the Truth. Before doing this course, I struggled

–Dr. Geri, FL

What a Gift

“I’ve been on the spiritual path for many years now but I felt I needed some help taking it to the next step. I could feel my ego blocks and other things holding me back. I signed up for the Christ Consciousness course and every lesson has taken us on

–Lisa, FL

Perception and Understanding

“Through this course on Christ Consciousness, I’ve watched my perception and understanding make shifts, both dramatic and subtle. What was a physical ‘reality for me is now more like an awareness. I think I can imagine what it means to live and be as an integrated body, mind, and soul.

–Amelai, OR

I have found my soul’s mission

“Michael, I looooooooved last night’s class. I made my mission statement, refined it, and as I said it this morning to myself, I feel an immense feeling of joy. I have found my purpose. My soul’s mission. Thank you for helping to facilitate that. “


A Gentle Touch Can Melt Years of Defense

“Michael, Thank you so much for your focused attention at Saturday’s workshop and during my session last week. It is amazing to me how much a gentle touch on the shoulder has opened me up. There are so many ways I shut myself down over the past 24 years that

–K, TX

The Smartest Choice

“The Inner Christ Online Course was one of the smartest choices to healing that I have made. It was wonderful having in essence, a spiritual life coach sending me material each week that I felt accountable in doing. Not only has the material helped me to clear emotional baggage, but

–Angela, TX

The Answers to My Questions

“Greetings Michael! I attended Unity on The River this past weekend for both the morning service and your afternoon workshop session. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I left your lecture with many questions answered as well as many more to explore. I have attended an

–Sandy, MA

Calm and Confident

“The Inner Christ online course, with its ongoing incredible timing and seemingly supernatural synchronicity, offered me the perfect opportunity to continue my Spiritual education, and to feel connected, supported, and loved within a like-minded group. I have gained so much knowledge and am becoming much more secure in knowing what

–Jennifer, OR

Fantastic Online Course

“The online course has been fantastic for me. I can’t imagine what this year would have been like without it! The scope is exactly what I’ve needed to support my integration and growth. While my morning practice isn’t ‘perfect, the ‘homework has become a part of me and my daily


Easy to Feel God

“The material in the Christ Consciousness course is deep and profound and is taught in a step by step, easy to apply manner. I love how we started off on the material level with practical cleansing in our lives, gradually making room for great new lifestyles choices and healthy belief-systems.

–Jackie, WA

Honored and Grateful

“I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to attend this workshop. The time together was most amazing with such a wide range of emotions and activities. The bio-energetic exercises that we did as a group really opened up blockages in my body. I was initially

–Patti, ON

More Love and Compassion

“What I really love about the course is that it keeps me on the path every day. Before doing this course, I would wander off, and then get so mad at myself. And it has, more than anything, helped me with my anger. Now I have more love and compassion

–Steve, NJ

Calm and Productive

“I knew inside I had to take the online Christ Consciousness Course but I didn’t know why. Since starting the course, I’ve been able to carry myself in a higher, more relaxed state of consciousness throughout the day. I feel more relaxed, and have been able to notice when feeling

–Susan, HI

Adventure in Self Discovery

“The on-line course on Christ Consciousness has been an adventure in self discovery. This course helps us clean ourselves internally & externally . . . our bodies, cells, thoughts, closets, cars, and desks. The processes taught in this course have created a healing on a deep level, which opens us

–Terrie, CT

Featured Book

The Dark Night of the Soul by Michael MirdadThe Dark Night of the Soul: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

The "Dark Night of the Soul" (life's greatest transformational experience) is not a term that everyone recognizes, and yet we all know of it quite well. That's because every person who has ever lived on this planet (to the age of an adult) has gone through the "Dark Night" in some form.

There is an old saying: "There are two things in life that we cannot avoid, death and taxes." But the truth is that the only two things we cannot avoid are death and the Dark Night of the Soul. And the Dark Night of the Soul is the name given for life's most challenging periods, times when we feel lost, confused, betrayed, afraid, and exhausted.

The "Dark Night' is a period of our lives when our soul has decided that it's tine for us to journey within so we can discover what parts of us need to be healed, transformed, and/or released. The "Dark Night" is an internal process designed to teach us humility, how to surrender to life's healing processes, and how to become a better (more evolved, aware) person.

The goal of this book is not only to help the reader to better understand and navigate the "Dark Night" but also to explain how to reach the "Light at the End of the Tunnel" and how to bring that Light into the world and into the lives of others.

This book is now available in our shop! Click here to order.

Reviews of The Dark Night of the Soul by Michael Mirdad


Very good read. Very much what I already thought.


Out of the Dark and Into the Light

The Dark Night of the Soul may be one of the most helpful books in Michael Mirdad’s long career of teaching and writing spiritually uplifting books (especially during this present time when society, itself, seems to be going through a Dark Night). Ultimately, this insightful, clearly written book explains how

Lynne Matous

Help is on the way!

This is a perfect book to read when you feel like you’re at your wits end and life is NOT going at all the way you want. I really love the way this author and spiritual teacher presents his eye-opening material with straightforward, no nonsense advice on getting to the

Lena Nowmos

Can this book change your life for the better? Absolutely, YES.

What’s it about? The Dark Night of the Soul: Out of the Dark and into the Light is a guide to understanding, enduring, and embracing it as a gift, a clear and present benefit of our soul’s inner life revealing who we truly are: The Divine Expression of God in

Joan Belle

A fabulous book that teaches us to stay centered in God, to help us and others through the DNOTS

This is truly a great, condensed, detailed book about the dark night of the soul. Michael explains with ease and clarity, exactly what we go through and why we go through this experience, multiple times in our lives. He breaks down what happens when we enter this period of time,

Theresa W.

There Really IS a God, a Creator, a Source, ….. and IT is IN every One of us…..

The Dark Night of The Soul
Michael Mirdad has done it again! This beautifully Spiritual man has touched my heart with precision timing in this book. He immediately reminded me that my Soul (not I) decide when it’s time for me to journey within to discover what still needs

Dosi Loverro

Very helpful

Very good book Easy to read. Very helpful. Very helpful

vicki mccabe

Incredible book

I have followed the teachings of Michael Mirdad for a few years now. This book is filled with authentic, incredibly insightful guidance. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make their lives better. Follow his advice and you will be a happier individual. guaranteed

janie n.

All Michael Mirdad’s books are inspiring!

Michael Mirdad’s is a spiritual teacher who had a message of Truth, Love and Christ Consciousness that he is sharing with the world through his books and teachings. These books are a ‘must read’ if you are serious about your spiritual growth!


The Dark Night of the Soul – What a journey!!

Michael Mirdad’s new book, The Dark Night of the Soul, is really amazing in how it captures exactly what it feels like to go through that process. In my own life, I went through it intensely for a few years, and there were many times when I just wanted to

Linda Mae Costello

Dark Night of the Soul: Out of the Darkness and into the Light

Favorite author for navigating lifes bumps for the spiritual journey. very easy read and easy to gain understanding

Marjorie L. Vann

Must read!👍💎

Just started reading this but so far it’s really hitting on point, definitely worth taking time out for!

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